Javier Nero Freedom Full Album Tracklist

1 Double Vision (feat. Brian Lynch, Tal Cohen & Aaron Kimmel)

2 Cachaça (feat. Kyle Athayde)

3 I Tried So Hard, Part 1 (feat. Lauren Desberg, Jean Caze & Tal Cohen)

4 I Tried So Hard, Part 2 (feat. Lauren Desberg & Tom Kelley)

5 Crystal Lake (feat. Brian Lynch & Russ Spiegel)

6 Just Let Go (feat. Shelly Berg)

7 Reality (feat. Tom Kelley, Melvin Butler & Tal Cohen)

8 Discord (feat. Lauren Desberg, Kyle Athayde & Shelly Berg)

9 Midnight Groove (feat. Jean Caze)

10 Freedom Intro

11 Freedom (feat. Shelly Berg, Melvin Butler & Jean Caze)

12 Jam #2 in C# Minor (feat. Tom Kelley, Melvin Butler & Aaron Kimmel)

DOWNLOAD ALBUM ZIP: http://tinybit.cc/69a673ad

Pearline Cherice

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